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Welcome to Industrial Security Locking Systems, LLC (ISLS)

We are proud to be an authorized distributor for Overly Door Company, manufacturer of acoustical metal doors for over 50 years.   We are also proud of being named as senior technical advisors by Sargent and Greenleaf, the oldest manufacturer of security locks in the United States.  Additionally, all of our technicians have been individually factory trained and certified by Overly Door Company in the installation of acoustical doors, as well as individually factory trained and certified on the Sargent and Greenleaf S&G 2890B life safety approved deadbolt, the Sargent and Greenleaf 2740B and Kaba Mas X-10 combination locks and the Allegion/LCN senior swing ADA compliant door operator.  In addition, all of our technicians are licensed locksmiths.

We are a founding member of the SCIF Technical Advisory Group (STAG), a group of companies who have come together to offer information on regulations and laws and how they affect the planning for building or updating SCIF’s.  In addition, we offer information on GSA approved locks as well as other products used in the construction of SCIF doors.  We also make available construction services to those who are preparing to build a new SCIF or upgrade an existing SCIF.

We also offer our customers technical advice on the impact of regulations and laws (ICD705, NFPA 101,FF-L-2890B, FF-L-2740B, ADA, etc.) on the planning for and construction of SCIF doors.  In addition, we are experienced in making repairs to existing SCIF doors and SCIF locks as well as the conversion of doors on older SCIF’s that need to be brought up-to-date in order to meet the new laws and regulations.

If you are planning to build a SCIF, expand a SCIF, create a high security area or convert an existing SCIF to updated or new regulations  ~


SCIF Doors

  • Are you up-to-date on STC “performance” of  metal acoustical doors versus wood? Click here
  • Are you familiar with STC50 metal door “turnkey” materials and installation packages? Click here
  • Would you find factory tips for building rough openings for metal acoustical door packages useful? Click here
  • Acoustical seals are frequently damaged when someone uses a door wedge to hold the door open and this can void your warranty. Click here

 SCIF Door Locks

  • Are you aware of the new NFPA 101 life safety laws for doors with two locks (e.g. especially SCIF doors)?  Click here
  • Are you familiar with the application of means of egress in the new life safety regulations?  Click here 
  • Are you informed on what “single motion mechanical egress” means?  Click here
  • Are you up-to-date on current DoD requirements that SCIF door locks be deadbolts not deadlatches?  Click here

 SCIF Door Lock Regulations

  • Do you specify in your RFQ/RFP that SCIF door locks must be GSA approved?  Click here
  • Do you use the GSA Qualified Products List (QPL) as an indication of whether a lock is GSA approved or not?  Click here
  • Are you aware that government and military agencies require GSA approved locks for their SCIF’s?  Click here
  • Are you familiar with GSA FF-L-2890B and GSA FF-L-2740B regulations for both SCIF  door locks and combination locks?  Click here

ADA SCIF Door Regulations

  • Are you aware of ADA regulations for SCIF doors?  Click here
  • Are you familiar with the benefits of installing heavy duty door operators on SCIF doors?  Click here
  • Are you aware that you can add door operators to an existing SCIF door?  Click here
  • Are you aware that we can install a complete SCIF door designed to meet ADA regulations?  Click here
  • Are you aware that “the new lock in town” (the S&G 2890B GSA approved single motion egress life safety lock) comes in an “exit bar version” suitable for meeting ADA requirements?  Click here

SCIF Expansion or Re-Accreditation and Re-certification

  • Are you familiar with codes and requirements covering when re-accreditation or re-certification is required?  Click here
  • Do you know when you can and when you can’t use existing doors, locks and sound seals when you convert SCIF doors to updated regulations?  Click here 

SCIF Conversions and Repairs

  • Do you have current information on how long grandfathering will likely be allowed for older SCIF’s that don’t meet new more rigid requirements?  Click here
  • How do you avoid contracting with unqualified technicians when you need repairs on your acoustical SCIF doors, locks and sound seals?  Click here
  • Are you aware that when you upgrade your older SCIF doors that GSA rules will apply on the locks that you choose to use?  Click here

Vault Doors and Locks

  • Are you aware that Overly Door Company makes a wide variety of vault doors?  Click here
  • Are you aware that it takes special factory training and certification to properly install these doors?  Click here
  • Are you aware that the company you choose to provide and install your vault door plays a significant role in the measuring and ordering of the appropriate door to both meet your technical requirements and the existing government rules and regulations?  Click here

Automatic Handicap Door Operators

  • Are you aware that do to the special requirements of SCIF doors that the automatic door operator you choose must have both a free knuckle and be able to meet the ADA requirements for opening pressure?  Click here
  • Are you aware that automatic handicap door operators can be combined with the Sargent and Greenleaf S&G 2890B life safety and GSA  approved exit bar?  Click here

Certified Technicians

  • How important is it to use factory trained and certified technicians for all SCIF door installations?  Click here
  • Are you familiar with why you should use licensed locksmiths as your factory trained and certified installers?  Click here

How To Avoid Bad Installations of SCIF Doors

  • Insist on proof of factory training and certification.  Click here
  • When preparing RFP’s make it a requirement that bidders attach copies of factory certification for each technician who will do the installation.  Click here
  • When ordering acoustical doors (e.g. Overly) make it a requirement on the RFP that the bidder has been factory trained on the technical matches and mismatches of various options available to you.  For example, using magnetic acoustical seals whenever Lockmasters or S&G life safety locks are used.  Click here

Protecting Your S&G 2740B or Kaba Mas X-10 GSA Approved Combination Lock

  • What do you do if you lose your serial number?  Click here

Requesting A Quote – Getting What You Want

  • A win-win suggestion for your new SCIF door. Click here
  • End users have a right to expert installations. Click here