The ADA “Friendly” SCIF Door

What Is An ADA “Friendly” SCIF Door?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is very specific in its requirement that the needs of persons with handicaps, especially those who are wheelchair bound, are met. This can be a daunting and frequently frustrating task given the complex and often overlapping regulations and laws governing SCIF’s and especially SCIF doors.

For example, security has always been the top priority in building SCIF’s and SCIF doors. This has resulted in heavy metal doors with special acoustical seals and usually cam lift hinges. Even if these doors are installed perfectly they can still be difficult for the handicapped to operate.

To make the problem even worse, security requirements which frequently involve two locks on the same door have made egress more difficult. We believe that the existing problems can best be resolved by the ADA friendly SCIF door solution described below.

Info-Request-BoxRecently a select group of manufacturers, technical consultants and installation experts, including Industrial Security Locking Systems, developed a potential solution to the problems discussed above. They titled this solution “The ADA Friendly SCIF Door”.

Simply stated, the ADA friendly SCIF door concept relies on combining what, in our opinion, is the best SCIF door assembly with the only GSA approved life safety compliant panic exit bar currently available and our personal choice of the most effective electronic heavy duty automatic door controller. Combine this with an installation system design that not only covers training and individual certification requirements for installers but also maximizes the use of trained and licensed locksmiths as well as technical support for both end users and contractors during the design phase. The members of the design group are:

  • Overly Door Company: Manufacturers of STC rated acoustical door assemblies as well as blast/pressure, bullet resistant and GSA vault door assemblies.
  • Sargent and Greenleaf: Manufacturers of GSA approved, integrated door locks designed to meet both the security and life safety requirements of highly sensitive SCIF environments.
  • Allegion/LCN: Manufacturers of the LCN heavy duty senior swing automatic door operators.
  • Industrial Security Locking Systems: Design experts of a working system that produces individually factory trained and certified installation teams. These teams are exclusively used in the installation, service and repair of SCIF doors.

Current experience in installing ADA friendly SCIF doors as described above has resulted in a dramatic drop in staff complaints, ADA legal actions as well as complaints from the fire marshal. If you would like more information please contact Harry O’Haver at 410-721-1009.