How To Avoid Bad SCIF Door Installations

One of the most challenging aspects of SCIF construction is the proper ordering and installation of the SCIF door.  STC requirements have become much more stringent and testing methods far more sophisticated making accreditation more difficult to achieve.

Your installation may require a one piece welded frame or a two piece split frame to accommodate the SCIF wall being constructed.  The sealing system must be compatible with the hardware installed on the door.  The rough opening must meet minimum standards for anchoring and supporting a metal SCIF door.

Translating your SCIF door requirements into a solid technical specification will go a long way towards guaranteeing that the proper door, door frame and door hardware are selected and ordered.  The manufacturers and distributors of metal acoustical door assemblies, such as Overly Door Company, are qualified to assist you in this.  To help achieve this, we suggest that you include your detailed technical specifications in your RFP or RFQ.

Once you have chosen your SCIF door, it is essential that you select a contractor who is fully qualified to perform your installation.  Most SCIF doors fail to pass accreditation as a result of poor installations, not defective products or parts.  You should stipulate in your RFP or RFQ that the installers that the contractor will use are not only licensed locksmiths as required by state laws but, in addition, are factory trained and certified for both the door installation as well as the locks that are required.  You should request that the names and certificate numbers for the qualified installers that the contractor intends to use are included in their proposal to you.

Require that your technical specifications be strictly followed when building out the rough opening.  Prior to the arrival of the acoustical door assembly, the rough opening should be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it will meet or exceed the door manufacturer’s specification for size and weight of the door.

Selecting a contractor who employs factory trained and certified personnel with the skills and experience required to perform your complex installation may result in a slightly higher cost then using untrained installers but it will drastically reduce the possibility of a below par installation which can be very costly to resolve.

Please contact us to if you would like us to help you set up the specifications for your RFP or RFQ.  We would also be pleased to bid on your next SCIF door installation.

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