Are Your Technicians Factory Trained and Certified?

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A professional installation of acoustic doors, single motion egress deadbolts, electronic combination locks  and ADA automatic door operators requires not only quality products but also licensed locksmiths who are skilled factory trained and certified installers.

It is common practice for builders to use existing staff to do this highly technical work. In fact, the technicians they use usually are competent in building rough openings and hanging normal doors.  When it comes to acoustic packages, however, the level of technical knowledge and skills requires specialized training in order to produce an end product that will meet the requirements of the final certification.

This is particularly true due to the new methodologies used by certifiers to determine the final acoustical measurements including field STC ratings.  With factory trained and certified installers, it is possible to identify and correct acoustic leaks prior to certification.

It is essential that whoever you choose to do your work you request copies of the certification for each technical area and for each technician that will do the work.

Factory training and certification at Industrial Security Locking Systems is a requirement not an option.  In addition, we only use licensed locksmiths to do the work.