What If You Lose Your Serial Number To Your Kaba Mas X-10 or CDX-10?

At the completion of the installation of your new Kaba Mas X-10/CDX-10 or S&G 2740B/2890PDL the technician will give you a booklet of operating instructions with the serial number sticker that comes with


the lock already affixed inside the first page of the booklet.

Occasionally, this manual might be mislaid and if you have to reset the combination and can’t remember the original combination you will have to resort to using the procedure which requires the serial number in order to complete the reset.  If this happens to you, you have a problem!  You will probably have to pay for a technician to make a service call to partially disassemble the lock to find the serial number.

Just a suggestion.  When you get your book with the serial number sticker in it why not copy that number to a separate file that you can put in your secure GSA container “just in case”?  We are not allowed to retain your serial number in our files but you can.