Your Materials and Labor Warranty – What Is Covered and What Is Not Covered


SCIF-Door-Lock-warrantyThis is a brief summary of the warranty coverage for materials and labor for this proposal. If after reading this you have any questions please feel free to call us at 410-721-1009. Your warranty includes our guarantee that all work done is performed by factory trained and certified licensed locksmiths. This also guarantees that each type of door, lock or other materials used conform to government rules, regulations and laws including GSA FF-L-2890B, ICD 705 Tech Specs, NFPA 101 life safety laws, ADA handicapped regulations, etc.

Items Covered Under Your Warranty

The following detailed warranty refers to all types of materials, installations, repairs and service.

  • All materials supplied by ISLS as well as installation labor are covered for a minimum of 12 months from the date of acceptance of the installation by the customer. For materials where the manufacturer gives a longer warranty then 12 months, for example, the new Sargent and Greenleaf 2890B line of life safety locks, we will honor that warranty on your behalf.
  • Both materials and labor under 12 month warranties or extended warranties will be covered only if on-site inspection by ISLS or manufacturer’s representative shows defective materials or installation. This decision will be discussed with the customer before final charges, if any, are assessed as described below.

Items Not Covered Under Your Warranty

  • Any errors the customer might make in providing the technical information on the materials that will be used. For example, if the customer orders the wrong door swing (handing) on an Overly door then the door will arrive with the wrong swing and the customer will be responsible for the cost and time delay to correct the problem. This not only refers to Overly doors but any locks or hardware provided for the job.
  • Sound leaks in the rough opening for Overly doors or surrounding walls.
  • Deviations from factory recommendations for the construction of a rough opening that is reinforced floor to ceiling to support the weight of metal SCIF doors.
  • Use of any paint other than the oil based paint recommended by Overly. Latex based paints will cause damage to the sound seals and should not be used.
  • Improper caulking of the finished door assembly.
  • Any damage to the acoustic door package; loss or theft of installation parts, etc. after the customer has inspected and accepted the shipment.
  • Any hardware or locks required by the customer but do not meet FF-L-2890B, NFPA 101 as well as other applicable government regulations require a signed waiver from the customer stipulating that they have been fully informed for the need of compliance to these regulations and have decided to still use hardware not covered.
  • Vandalism or acts of God.
  • Any materials supplied by the customer and not ISLS.
  • Adjustments or attempted repairs by non-ISLS technicians to materials or installations still under warranty.
  • Damage to materials or installation by customer staff or subcontractors who are performing other on-site services for the customer.
  • Damage done to materials or installation by the use of hold open door wedges or other devices such as for Overly doors and acoustical seals.
  • Lubrication of cylinders, hinges, acoustical seals, etc. with any fluid other than that recommended by ISLS technician.
  • Operator error by customer.