Industrial Security Locking Systems Turnkey SCIF Door Program

Our “Turnkey SCIF Door Program” is designed to offer our customers a materials and installation package that includes providing and installing an STC rated Overly acoustical door assembly, a Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B series life safety deadbolt, an extra heavy duty door closer and other materials required for a complete door installation.  Listed below are the specific details of this program:

  • Work with our customers on converting their technical requirements for the Overly acoustical door into the specific door assembly that meets their needs. 
  • We serve as a link between our customers and Overly Door in the ordering and delivery of an acoustical door package.  In addition, we work with our customers in selecting an accelerated manufacturing program, if required, to meet quick delivery requirements at reasonable prices. 
  • We perform the same role in supplying the single motion egress life safety lock and combination lock.  Based on our experience, we have chosen the Sargent and Greenleaf S&G 2890B series life safety locks paired with the S&G 2740B combination lock.  Although other life safety locks are available on the market, we feel that the Sargent and Greenleaf 2890B/2740B locks are the best choice not only because of high engineering and standards of manufacturing quality but also the extended five year warranty. 
  • We also include what we consider to be the best choice of door closer, stand-off brackets, thresholds, etc. that match the needs of the magnetic door seals, life safety locks, etc. 
  • In order to provide a successful door/lock installation it is essential that the rough opening be as “accurate” as possible.  To aid our customers in achieving this we supply written recommendations from the manufacturer for constructing an acoustical rough opening. 
  • When rough openings are complete the installation of the door and frame can begin.  All of our installers are licensed locksmiths who have  been factory trained and certified by Overly Door as well as by Sargent and Greenleaf.  They will install the appropriate life safety S&G 2890B series lock paired with the S&G2740B electronic combination lock, LCN4040XP extra heavy duty door closer as well as other required materials. 
  • After the customer certifies that the installation meets their technical requirements, we will conduct a basic “unofficial” sound test of the door and frame to identify any sound leaks that might interfere with meeting accreditation standards.  Any problems identified will be corrected immediately and the door will be re-tested.  This is not an official or a certified test of the field sound rating.  Its purpose is to identify obvious sound leaks and correct them prior to the official accreditation.  

For further information on the “Turnkey SCIF Door Program” please contact us.

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