SCIF Technical Advisory Group (STAG)

Planning and building a SCIF is a major technical and operational undertaking.  Help, especially in the planning stages, can prove to be invaluable.  “One stop shopping” for technical support can be, in itself, a real time saver and result in quality advice that you are looking for.  In addition, getting your technical support from a group of experts who know and work with each other on a daily basis can only add to the quality of the help that is available to you.

The SCIF Technical Advisory Group (STAG) is a group of technical, installation and manufacturing companies who work together to provide the best SCIF building or upgrading support in planning and implementing a new SCIF, the expansion of an existing SCIF or the conversion of older SCIF’s that have been temporarily “grandfathered”.

We are often contacted by end users or contractors who are involved in building a secure facility who are not totally familiar with the SCIF accreditation cycle or what is required by the many government regulations.  The primary regulations such as ICD 705 Tech Specs, GSA FF-L-2890B, NFPA101 life safety and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are critical to obtaining final accreditation.

Because of this need for both experts and reliable contractors  we have formed the SCIF Technical Advisory Group (STAG).  For further information call Harry O’Haver or Mark Jones.  If you prefer you can also contact the other members of STAG that are listed below.

Industrial Security Locking Systems, LLC (ISLS) – one of the founding members of STAG, is both a distributor and factory trained installer for many of the products that both end users and contractors, who choose to work with STAG, will require in the building or remodeling of SCIF’s.  ISLS uses only licensed locksmiths that are factory trained and certified installers for all of the products it provides including doors, life safety locks and other hardware.  ISLS offers turnkey packages that include the acoustical door assembly, GSA approved life safety locks as well as automatic handicap door operators.

~For more information, contact Harry O’Haver at; 410-721-1009;

Mark Jones, Consultant – one of the founding members of STAG, is an expert in UL681 SCIF intrusion systems, UL2050 monitoring of those systems, access control, CCTV, security in-depth voice/data systems.  In addition, Mr. Jones is also an expert on SCIF acoustically field rated doors, single motion egress NFPA 101 life safety approved locks as well as installation techniques.  Mr. Jones is often a speaker on the topic of ICD 705 Tech Specs and its application to SCIF and SCIF door construction.

~For more information, contact Mark Jones at; 410-897-2403.

 Sargent and Greenleaf – manufacturer of both S&G 2890B single motion egress locks and S&G 2740B electronic combination locks.  These lines of locks are fully compliant with GSA FF-L-2890B and are listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL).  The S&G line of life safety locks also includes a single motion egress panic exit bar.  This exit bar is particularly helpful for employees who have physical handicaps including those who are wheelchair bound.

~For more information, contact Jack McHugh at; 705-516-4347 .

Overly Door Company – manufacturer of a full line of acoustical, bullet-resistant, blast-resistant and GSA/DOD Class 5 vault doors.  Overly provides the customer with a broad range of choices in metal door assemblies designed to provide secure mounting for GSA FF-L-2890B approved and NFPA 101 qualified SCIF door locks.  Overly has been designing and manufacturing field STC rated doors for over 50 years.

~For more information, contact Andy Veliuona at; 443-745-0324.

Technical Services, Inc. – provides consulting services to companies and installers of a variety of SCIF and SCIF door products on a number of subjects including building and fire codes.  Technical Services, Inc. also provides consulting services for technical advice on a variety of government codes that impact SCIF’s including FF-L-2890B, ICD 705 Tech Specs, NFPA 101, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other government codes and requirements.  Tom Demont is the former President of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA).

~For more information, contact Tom Resciniti Demont at; 724-969-2595.

Allegion/LCNmanufacturer of a variety of security hardware including Schlage, Von Duprin and LCN including the LCN4040XP heavy duty door closer as well as the LCN line of automatic handicap door operators.

~For more information, contact Lee Frazier at; 301-580-8564.