Things You Might Want To Consider When You Are Selecting A Subcontractor To Provide and Install Your Acoustical Metal SCIF Doors and Life Safety Locks

security-lock-subcontractors-checklistAlthough choosing the subcontractor based on the lowest bid may seem, on the surface, to be the best method of selection, there are other considerations in making your final decision that are equally, if not even more, important.

  • The usual warranty period for SCIF doors is one year. If during that year there is a problem with the SCIF door or life safety locks then the original price may rise, in real terms, to something significantly higher. Materials that prove to be defective during the warranty period usually will be replaced at no cost by the manufacturer. However, service calls and labor are often not covered and this will not only become an additional cost to you, but equally important, may result in down time while repairs are being made.
  • Picking a subcontractor who does not provide installers who are both licensed locksmiths and have been factory trained and certified on the SCIF doors and the life safety locks can cause problems that will make it difficult to get your new SCIF door accredited resulting in delays in your operational schedules.
  • Once the warranty has expired and if there are problems with the SCIF door or locks, all of the costs would have to be paid by you. Picking the right subcontractor can extend your trouble-free period well beyond the end of your warranty.
  • In addition to the SCIF door, the Sargent & Greenleaf line of life safety approved deadbolts, S&G2890B with the S&G2740B electronic combination lock (our recommendation as the best choice for SCIF doors) are very complex units and require factory trained and certified licensed locksmiths to make proper installations. We recommend that you exercise the right you have to require proof of their factory certifications, not for just the subcontractor, but for every installer that will be on the installation crew.
  • Info-Request-BoxIt is also important that the subcontractor you choose is fully qualified to advise you on the laws and requirements of not just FF-L-2890B, ICD705 Tech Specs, NFPA101 life safety laws but, in addition, requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or other government regulations. An example of this is the DoD requirement that specifies that every lock on SCIF doors, whether they are entry or exit only, be deadbolts and not deadlatches.
  • We believe that the Overly acoustical metal door assembly and the Sargent and Greenleaf S&G 2890B life safety locks are the best choices for your new SCIF door. However, regardless of which product you choose, there may be important technical decisions involved in the specifications for each item that you order. For example, even in SCIF doors of the quality of Overly, it is necessary to choose the correct acoustical seals e.g. compression or magnetic that will work properly with the locks you specify. As an Overly Door distributor we will be happy to provide you with technical information that will help you make your final choices successful ones.