Single Motion Mechanical Egress Explained

Written by Industrial Security Locking Systems on May 21, 2013. Posted in Laws & Regulations

Excerpts from a Presentation Given by Harry O’Haver President of Industrial Security Locking Systems, LLC on January 10, 2013

The most recently updated publication of ICD705 Tech Specs contains a number of significant modifications in requirements for SCIF doors and locks. One of the more significant changes deals with STC ratings for acoustical doors and in fact, the construction of the doors themselves. Prior to the new requirements of ICD705 you could use wooden doors if they had a STC rating of 45 or above. Since the new methodology for testing SCIF doors has changed, wooden doors without acoustical seals are not generally capable of meeting STC45 certification much less STC50 and metal doors are now a basic requirement.

This has also resulted in a different approach to sealing the primary sound gap between the four edges of the door, frame and threshold. In the old days using a wooden door you could install a sound resistant seal on both jambs and the header with an automatic door sound seal at the threshold. With the new regulations, it has become more practical to choose a door that not only meets all of the requirements of ICD705 but also has an integral door, frame, sound seal and threshold as a package.

An example of such doors are those made by the Overly Door Company, who has been manufacturing metal acoustical doors such as those that I have just described for over 50 years. They have even progressed to the stage where they use special magnetic seals that will stand up to the new STC requirements as well as the requirements of ASTM Designation: E336-09 which is the approved test method for measuring airborne sound attenuation.

Another significant requirement for doors in the means of egress is the NFPA 101 life safety code.  This code specifies that doors in the means of egress – including SCIF doors – that have two locks on the door replace them with a single motion mechanical egress lock.  This lock makes it possible to unlock all of the locks on a door with one mechanical motion.  Currently the only lock that is available that meets this requirement is the Lockmasters LKM7000 series single motion deadbolt.

It is also important to be sure that all of the parts of a SCIF door package fit together into a cohesive operating system.  For example, it is a wise idea to use a metal acoustical door package that supplies magnetic seals whenever you are using the LKM7000 series lock.  This not only gives you a better operating system but meets both requirements for security and STC ratings.


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