There’s A New Lock In Town

new-scif-lock-in-town-bannerThe danger of people becoming trapped in a room with only one exit has been a source of concern to NFPA for a very long time.  About eight years ago, they attacked the problem directly by publishing, in the current version of NFPA101 the following requirement (law): “any door in the means of egress with two or more locks on the same door require a releasing mechanism that shall open the door with not more than one mechanical releasing operation.”  And in addition,  just to be on the safe side, they added another instruction that says “a latch or other fastening device on a door shall be provided with a releasing device that has an obvious method of operation and that is readily operated under all lighting conditions.”

Although it has been a gradual process to educate all of the thousands of senior staff who are involved in making decisions on either building new space (for example, SCIF’s and other high security areas) or in renovating or upgrading existing space, this new law is now widely accepted and implemented across the country.

Info-Request-BoxTo meet this demand several devices were designed and developed to meet this new requirement and have been on the market for at least ten years.  Just a short time ago, Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G), one of the largest manufacturers of security products for over 150 years, has developed their own version of a life safety single motion egress GSA approved exit bar.  In addition, this new line of single  motion egress locks includes a line of exit levers which can be used on either in-swinging or out-swinging doors.  This new line of locks, S&G 2890B series, are now available for installation.

In addition, the S&G 2740B, also GSA approved, combination lock when paired with the new S&G 2890B series lock carries a five year warranty instead of the industry standard of one year.