Conversions – Upgrading An Existing SCIF

There are a variety of regulations governing the requirements for SCIF’s and particularly, SCIF doors.  These regulations are constantly being upgraded and amended by the organizations responsible for writing them.  Some of the most important are ICD 705 Tech Specs, GSA FF-L-2890B Federal Specifications for Locks, GSA FF-L-2740B Federal Specifications for Electromechnical Combination Locks, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).  This is only a sampling of some of the most important regulations that SCIF’s and particularly SCIF doors must meet.

SCIF ConversionMost existing SCIF’s and SCIF doors that do not meet all of the upgraded requirements described above have been temporarily “grandfathered” with the exception of life safety codes and existing requirements for changes in the use of older SCIF’s.

Industrial Security Locking Systems has titled this upgrading of older SCIF’s as “conversions”.  We believe that it is important for the customer to find out what is involved in terms of meeting the new regulations before it becomes a “next day emergency”.  SCIF’s are normally built for federal agencies , the military or private industry that is doing business with the government.

Many of the acoustical SCIF doors, life safety locks and combination locks in older SCIF’s do not meet current standards.  We believe that it is a worthwhile exercise to go over these requirements and translate them into planning and budgeting input for a time when the changes will have to be made.  Some examples of significant changes already in effect are new ICD 705 Tech Spec regulations for acoustical SCIF doors including upgraded field STC procedures.  Additionally, the GSA regulations for meeting FF-L-2890B and FF-L-2740B also have new requirements for SCIF door life safety locks and combination locks required for GSA approval as well as inclusion in the Qualified Products List (QPL).Request More Information

Industrial Security Locking Systems is a recognized expert in the application of these regulations to the requirements for SCIF doors for both older SCIF’s and new SCIF’s.  In order to offer end users information concerning upgrading existing SCIF’s or building new SCIF’s, we conduct technical seminars that cover the rules and regulations described above as well as the qualifications of products currently on the market that fulfill these requirements.  These seminars are technical presentations not sales meetings.  We hope that when you do have work, particularly on SCIF doors, you will give us the opportunity to be on your bidding list.