Why Choose Us

Industrial Security Locking Systems (ISLS) specializes in providing and installing end-to-end SCIF door solutions for a wide range of customers. Here are some of the reasons why choosing ISLS as your SCIF door vendor will ensure that you achieve a superior, long lasting and reliable installation.

ISLS is an authorized distributor for Overly acoustical doors and a senior technical advisor for Sargent and Greenleaf S&G 2890B and 2740B SCIF door locks. We have intimate knowledge of these products and maintain close working relationships with factory personnel. 

ISLS, due to the complex nature of acoustical door and single motion lock installations, uses only factory trained and certified licensed locksmiths to guarantee the highest quality installation. 

ISLS uses only GSA approved SCIF door hardware.  In addition, all SCIF door hardware that we use must also be on the GSA Qualified Product List (QPL). 

ISLS stocks many of the parts and materials that we use in our installations so we are able to respond quickly to our customers high priority requirements and needs.

ISLS provides technical support and recommendations for a myriad of SCIF door components to include rough door openings built to factory specifications, door closers, and ADA door operators. 

ISLS will execute onsite surveys upon request and at no charge to ensure our proposals and estimates are complete and technically accurate. 

ISLS provides a warranty program that is inclusive. Our policy is to recommend quality products that will provide our customers with the longest warranty periods for both parts and labor. 

Our credo is “do everything right from the beginning” to ensure a superior installation in order to reduce our customer’s repair and maintenance cost and provide a solution that will last well beyond the “warranty years”.

Additional information on ISLS and the services we provide is available upon request.