A Win-Win Suggestion For Your New SCIF Door


One of the most challenging aspects of SCIF build-outs is the proper installation of the SCIF door.  Field STC acoustical requirements have become much more stringent and testing methods far more difficult to meet.  In addition, your new SCIF door must be installed plum, square and level in order to minimize the opening forces required to operate the door.

Highly complex acoustical door assemblies, such as those manufactured by Overly Door Company, perform best when installed by licensed locksmiths who are factory trained and certified technicians.  Unfortunately, these doors are frequently installed by untrained workers such as carpenters and drywall installers, who are skilled in their own trade, but not in the installation of acoustical doors.

When an end user doesn’t get the operational results that they expected or, worse yet, the door fails to meet the requirements for receiving accreditation, they frequently blame the product itself instead of the installation.  Although it can be a failure of the hardware it is more likely that it is a failure of the installation.

End users have a right to expect expert installation of a quality acoustical door.  In order to guarantee that the installation is completed by factory trained and certified technicians requires that you put in your RFP/RFQ a statement that all bidders must include names and certification numbers for the factory trained and certified installers that they are planning to use.  If you combine this with a program that is gaining momentum from the manufactures of acoustical doors which includes listing the names of all factory trained installers and their certification numbers on their websites, your chance of getting a quality installation increases dramatically.

Currently, most decisions on the winning bid are made strictly on the basis of price.  By making the factory trained and certified requirement for installers a part of the selection process your chances of passing accreditation as well as problem free operation of the door is far better.

The title, A Win-Win Suggestion For Your New SCIF Door, says “win-win” not just win.  If this suggestion is adopted by enough end users, not only will they benefit but there will be several others “winners” as well.  One of them would be the manufacturer who produces a high quality product only to have their reputation negatively affected by shoddy installations.  The other win will occur among those locksmith companies that care enough about quality installations that they are willing to not only spend the money to have their installers factory trained and certified but, in addition, are willing to pay them the higher wages that come with being a factory trained and certified locksmith.  This type of company tends to be underbid by their competitors who fail to make the same investment in quality that both you and the manufacturers are entitled to.