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Industrial Security Locking Systems has a “Turnkey SCIF Door Program.” It is designed to offer you a material and installation package that includes providing and installing an STC-rated Overly acoustical door assembly, a Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B series life safety deadbolt, an extra heavy duty door closer, and other materials required for a complete door installation.

We use products from Overly Door Company and S&G 290B Single Motion Egress Panic Bar. Contact us today to learn more information on this program!
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Industrial Security Locking Systems Turnkey SCIF Door Program
Our “Turnkey SCIF Door Program” is designed to offer our customers a materials and installation package that includes providing and installing an STC rated Overly acoustical door assembly, a Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B series life safety deadbolt, an extra heavy duty door closer and other materials required for a complete door installation. Listed below are the specific details of this program:
  • Work with our customers on converting their technical requirements for the Overly acoustical door into the specific door assembly that meets their needs. 
  • We serve as a link between our customers and Overly Door in the ordering and delivery of an acoustical door package. In addition, we work with our customers in selecting an accelerated manufacturing program, if required, to meet quick delivery requirements at reasonable prices. 
  • We perform the same role in supplying the single motion egress life safety lock and combination lock. Based on our experience, we have chosen the Sargent and Greenleaf S&G 2890B series life safety locks paired with the S&G 2740B combination lock. Although other life safety locks are available on the market, we feel that the Sargent and Greenleaf 2890B/2740B locks are the best choice not only because of high engineering and standards of manufacturing quality but also the extended five year warranty. 
  • We also include what we consider to be the best choice of door closer, stand-off brackets, thresholds, etc. that match the needs of the magnetic door seals, life safety locks, etc. 
  • In order to provide a successful door/lock installation it is essential that the rough opening be as “accurate” as possible. To aid our customers in achieving this we supply written recommendations from the manufacturer for constructing an acoustical rough opening. 
  • When rough openings are complete the installation of the door and frame can begin. All of our installers are licensed locksmiths who have been factory trained and certified by Overly Door as well as by Sargent and Greenleaf. They will install the appropriate life safety S&G 2890B series lock paired with the S&G2740B electronic combination lock, LCN4040XP extra heavy duty door closer as well as other required materials. 
  • After the customer certifies that the installation meets their technical requirements, we will conduct a basic “unofficial” sound test of the door and frame to identify any sound leaks that might interfere with meeting accreditation standards. Any problems identified will be corrected immediately and the door will be re-tested. This is not an official or a certified test of the field sound rating. Its purpose is to identify obvious sound leaks and correct them prior to the official accreditation.  
For further information on the “Turnkey SCIF Door Program” please contact us.
Items Included in the Industrial Security Locking Systems Turnkey SCIF Door Program
The following list of materials specifies what is included in the Industrial Security Locking Systems Turnkey SCIF Door Program. Everything described below is not only supplied as part of the program but will be installed by licensed locksmiths who are factory trained and certified installers.

Overly Door Acoustic Package
  • Overly 3’0”x7’0”x 1 ¾” slab metal STC50 rated acoustic door with mounting hardware
  • Split frame including trim strips, etc.
  • Frame mineral wool (rock wool) packing
  • Hinges – MCL500 cam lift
  • Threshold – Reese S-105A with type H acoustical seal
  • Magnetic acoustical seals – 2 jamb, 1 header
  • Power transfer – either Securitron EPT or Von Duprin EPT2
  • Fire rated doors are also available at a small additional charge

Life Safety Approved Deadbolts

  • Sargent and Greenleaf 2890B life safety deadbolt
  • Sargent and Greenleaf 2740B electronic combination lock
  • Best Falcon I/C rim housing small format
  • Best Falcon I/C small format core with 2 operating keys and 1 control key
  • Custom fabricated L bracket for mounting stainless steel roller strike plate

Accessories Selected Specifically to Work with Overly Doors, Sargent and Greenleaf Single Motion Egress Locks Paired with Sargent and Greennleaf Electronic Combination Locks

  • LCN4040XP heavy duty door closer
  • Custom Z bracket for mounting LCN4040XP heavy duty door closer on Overly door
  • Custom Z bracket for mounting BMS alarm contact
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Your Materials and Labor Warranty – What Is Covered and What Is Not Covered
This is a brief summary of the warranty coverage for materials and labor for this proposal. If after reading this you have any questions please feel free to call us at 410-721-1009. Your warranty includes our guarantee that all work done is performed by factory trained and certified licensed locksmiths. This also guarantees that each type of door, lock or other materials used conform to government rules, regulations and laws including GSA FF-L-2890B, ICD 705 Tech Specs, NFPA 101 life safety laws, ADA handicapped regulations, etc.

Items Covered Under Your Warranty
The following detailed warranty refers to all types of materials, installations, repairs and service.
  • All materials supplied by Industrial Security Locking Systems as well as installation labor are covered for a minimum of 12 months from the date of acceptance of the installation by the customer. For materials where the manufacturer gives a longer warranty then 12 months, for example, the new Sargent and Greenleaf 2890B line of life safety locks, we will honor that warranty on your behalf.
  • Both materials and labor under 12 month warranties or extended warranties will be covered only if on-site inspection by Industrial Security Locking Systems or manufacturer’s representative shows defective materials or installation. This decision will be discussed with the customer before final charges, if any, are assessed as described below.

Items Not Covered Under Your Warranty
  • Any errors the customer might make in providing the technical information on the materials that will be used. For example, if the customer orders the wrong door swing (handing) on an Overly door then the door will arrive with the wrong swing and the customer will be responsible for the cost and time delay to correct the problem. This not only refers to Overly doors but any locks or hardware provided for the job.
  • Sound leaks in the rough opening for Overly doors or surrounding walls.
  • Deviations from factory recommendations for the construction of a rough opening that is reinforced floor to ceiling to support the weight of metal SCIF doors.
  • Use of any paint other than the oil based paint recommended by Overly. Latex based paints will cause damage to the sound seals and should not be used.
  • Improper caulking of the finished door assembly.
  • Any damage to the acoustic door package; loss or theft of installation parts, etc. after the customer has inspected and accepted the shipment.
  • Any hardware or locks required by the customer but do not meet FF-L-2890B, NFPA 101 as well as other applicable government regulations require a signed waiver from the customer stipulating that they have been fully informed for the need of compliance to these regulations and have decided to still use hardware not covered.
  • Vandalism or acts of God.
  • Any materials supplied by the customer and not Industrial Security Locking Systems.
  • Adjustments or attempted repairs by non-Industrial Security Locking Systems technicians to materials or installations still under warranty.
  • Damage to materials or installation by customer staff or subcontractors who are performing other on-site services for the customer.
  • Damage done to materials or installation by the use of hold open door wedges or other devices such as for Overly doors and acoustical seals.
  • Lubrication of cylinders, hinges, acoustical seals, etc. with any fluid other than that recommended by Industrial Security Locking Systems technician.
  • Operator error by customer.
Conversions – Upgrading An Existing SCIF
There are a variety of regulations governing the requirements for SCIF’s and particularly, SCIF doors. These regulations are constantly being upgraded and amended by the organizations responsible for writing them. Some of the most important are ICD 705 Tech Specs, GSA FF-L-2890B Federal Specifications for Locks, GSA FF-L-2740B Federal Specifications for Electromechnical Combination Locks, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). This is only a sampling of some of the most important regulations that SCIF’s and particularly SCIF doors must meet.

Most existing SCIF’s and SCIF doors that do not meet all of the upgraded requirements described above have been temporarily “grandfathered” with the exception of life safety codes and existing requirements for changes in the use of older SCIF’s.

Industrial Security Locking Systems has titled this upgrading of older SCIF’s as “conversions”. We believe that it is important for the customer to find out what is involved in terms of meeting the new regulations before it becomes a “next day emergency”. SCIF’s are normally built for federal agencies , the military or private industry that is doing business with the government.

Many of the acoustical SCIF doors, life safety locks and combination locks in older SCIF’s do not meet current standards. We believe that it is a worthwhile exercise to go over these requirements and translate them into planning and budgeting input for a time when the changes will have to be made. Some examples of significant changes already in effect are new ICD 705 Tech Spec regulations for acoustical SCIF doors including upgraded field STC procedures. Additionally, the GSA regulations for meeting FF-L-2890B and FF-L-2740B also have new requirements for SCIF door life safety locks and combination locks required for GSA approval as well as inclusion in the Qualified Products List (QPL).

Industrial Security Locking Systems is a recognized expert in the application of these regulations to the requirements for SCIF doors for both older SCIF’s and new SCIF’s. In order to offer end users information concerning upgrading existing SCIF’s or building new SCIF’s, we conduct technical seminars that cover the rules and regulations described above as well as the qualifications of products currently on the market that fulfill these requirements. These seminars are technical presentations not sales meetings. We hope that when you do have work, particularly on SCIF doors, you will give us the opportunity to be on your bidding list.

A Win-Win Suggestion For Your New SCIF Door
One of the most challenging aspects of SCIF build-outs is the proper installation of the SCIF door. Field STC acoustical requirements have become much more stringent and testing methods far more difficult to meet. In addition, your new SCIF door must be installed plum, square and level in order to minimize the opening forces required to operate the door.

Highly complex acoustical door assemblies, such as those manufactured by Overly Door Company, perform best when installed by licensed locksmiths who are factory trained and certified technicians. Unfortunately, these doors are frequently installed by untrained workers such as carpenters and drywall installers, who are skilled in their own trade, but not in the installation of acoustical doors.

When an end user doesn’t get the operational results that they expected or, worse yet, the door fails to meet the requirements for receiving accreditation, they frequently blame the product itself instead of the installation. Although it can be a failure of the hardware it is more likely that it is a failure of the installation.

End users have a right to expect expert installation of a quality acoustical door. In order to guarantee that the installation is completed by factory trained and certified technicians requires that you put in your RFP/RFQ a statement that all bidders must include names and certification numbers for the factory trained and certified installers that they are planning to use. If you combine this with a program that is gaining momentum from the manufactures of acoustical doors which includes listing the names of all factory trained installers and their certification numbers on their websites, your chance of getting a quality installation increases dramatically.

Currently, most decisions on the winning bid are made strictly on the basis of price. By making the factory trained and certified requirement for installers a part of the selection process your chances of passing accreditation as well as problem free operation of the door is far better.

The title, A Win-Win Suggestion For Your New SCIF Door, says “win-win” not just win. If this suggestion is adopted by enough end users, not only will they benefit but there will be several others “winners” as well. One of them would be the manufacturer who produces a high quality product only to have their reputation negatively affected by shoddy installations. The other win will occur among those locksmith companies that care enough about quality installations that they are willing to not only spend the money to have their installers factory trained and certified but, in addition, are willing to pay them the higher wages that come with being a factory trained and certified locksmith. This type of company tends to be underbid by their competitors who fail to make the same investment in quality that both you and the manufacturers are entitled to.
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